“Still Feeling Run Down And Toxic From Chemo?
I’ll Show You How To Get Back Your
Strength, Vibrant Energy, And
Clear Thinking!”

Photo of Gabier Reiter Dear Sister, 

Congratulations! You made it through cancer treatment. I’m so glad you’re here.

Even though the nightmare of treatment is over, your body is still reeling in the aftermath. You may be struggling to find the energy just to get through your day. You might still feel weak and fragile…part of you just wants to stay in bed.

Are you?

  • Feeling worn-out and toxic?
  • Exhausted just doing your everyday life?
  • Fed up of with being tired all the time?
  • Feeling like you can’t quite shake that ‘chemo brain’?
  • Worried that the cancer might grow back?
  • Burned out from conflicting health advice from books and online?

“You don’t have to settle for mediocre health just because you’ve been through cancer”

My name is Gabie Reiter. I’m a certified naturopath and medical intuitive. I help women who have been through cancer get back to having the vibrant health, energy, and confidence to do what they love most.

My own father and my aunt died of cancer within 3 days of one another when I had just started to study naturopathic medicine. I was completely caught off guard. At the time, I felt totally powerless to help them. I was motivated to find strategies and solutions to help people and families going through cancer treatment and regain better health and peace of mind.

I am so passionate about sharing this work because in my 10 plus years in the field of naturopathy, I’ve seen incredible results possible. I care deeply about my clients, and I love making a big difference how they feel in their body and with their health.

“It is possible for you to have your strength back faster”

You can get your quick thinking back for work and the energy to do the things you love, whether it’s gardening, hiking, or enjoying time outdoors. You might even be ready to start a new career, or a new fulfilling chapter in your life. You can have your quality of life back and move forward in good health so you can play with your grandchildren.

I want you to start feeling better right away and get your life back.

My warmest wishes for your good health

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Gabie Reiter
Your Back-to-Vibrant-Health Guide


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“Everyone says I look great and that they cannot believe I had cancer”

Photo of Sylvia M.-Sylvia M. Redwood City, CA

“I met Gabie after my double mastectomy for breast cancer.  I was dealing with so many different problems due to the surgeries. I had low energy, a foggy brain, digestion troubles, hot flashes, and nausea.

As a Naturopath, Gabie is uniquely gifted with being a nutrition and supplement expert and a medical intuitive. She is able to discern a level of fine tuning with her healing recommendations that no other health professional has ever been able to offer.

Gabie helped my body heal from the surgeries and prepare for the chemo that followed in four months. Following Gabie’s recommendations, I started to feel better right away.

I am 58 years old, but I feel like I am in my twenties.  Everyone says I look great and that they cannot believe I had cancer, surgeries, and Chemo. Gabie has been an INSTRUMENTAL part of my healing and will continue to be in the future.

I would highly recommend Gabie to anyone who wants to be proactive about their health and speed up their recovery after cancer treatment.

Thank you, Gabie, for helping me get back my life, and improve my health to a BETTER state than when I was diagnosed with cancer!”

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“Gabie was my guide and she showed me how to take the best care of myself”

Photo of Diane F.-Diane F. Reno NV

“In 2000 I was diagnosed with DCIS of the left breast and had a mastectomy. I soon realized seeing other women having recurrence, that breast cancer is a life-long issue.

Not long after my cancer diagnosis I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I didn’t want to take any medication for it because I was afraid of the side effects. The doctor put me on tamoxifen and it made me feel like I was 80 years old because it stiffened all my joints. I stopped it after 3 months.

That is when I started to work with Gabie. She told me specifically what supplements and how much to take to help my bone density instead of me guessing based on what I had read in some health books.

The following months while working with Gabie on different smaller issues, I became more aware of my body and I started to experience a clean, healthy and in-balance feeling. Gabie was my guide and she showed me how to take the best care of myself. Now I have greater peace of mind.

Last week I had a mammogram and a dexa scan for my bone density. I am happy to report that the doctor told me that there was no sign of cancer, and I don’t have osteoporosis anymore.

I celebrate that I am cancer-free!”

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“Gabie’s program was essential to my healing”

Photo of Roopa R-Roopa R., Banglore, India

“Before I found Gabie, I was going through so much physical distress. I had just been diagnosed with stage III endometrial cancer and was freaking out. I was so anxious, not knowing what was going to happen to me.

I knew instinctively Gabie was the right person for me to work with. I loved her enthusiasm and positivity. Some people saw me as ready for my grave, but Gabie gave me hope and a lot of incentive to fight.

Following Gabie’s program, I was able to face treatment very well.
Other women who went through this with me but were not getting the same kind of support did not get through as smoothly.

I’m thrilled to say I’m now fully recovered. Gabie’s program was essential to my healing. Thank you Gabie for your love and support!”

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